Board Games in Kohii

Have fun

Have fun on table-top to bond with friends, colleagues, families or even strangers.

Coffee in Kohii


One of the best coffee brewer in town.
Taste and judge it!


Board games are very good and thoughtful gift for friends and family.


We love to hear your thoughts so that we can improve further.

Nice aesthetic, looks and feels clean and comfy. Friendly staff that will help recommend games and help explain them. Prices for food are reasonable for members and games are varied and in great condition.

Jeremy Yoon

Its a good place for board games lover~ Lots of different board is available here! There are some snacks and drinks here too, so don’t worry you will be hungry/thirsty. There’s student promo at every Tuesday and ladies promo at Wednesday. Please call to book for a place if you and your friends are going on Saturday and Sunday.

Zhi Bin Teoh

My new favorite hangout spot now! Tons of board games to choose from with execelent coffee what more can I ask for. A simple clean and minimalist board game cafe with friend and knowledgeable staff to guide us on the games we played. Will definitely come back again with more friends the next time round.

Clement Nick

Board Games are for who?

Board games have been around since hundreds years ago. Board games are suitable for kids, teenager, adults, and also seniors. These are good for the keeping the brain happy, constant exercise, and learning new things. We think playing board games also give us a chance to simulate on matters that we might not have any chance to experience in our life such as running an oil and gas business, cooking potions, catching thieves like a detective and so on.

Shy? Or Love to talk?

Board games cover for both introvert and extrovert people. If you do not love to talk, then we have games that mainly relies on management skills in terms of resources, risks, and etc. You basically do not have to communicate much with other players except letting them know what you are doing.

We also have games that cater to big crowd that loves speaking, bluffing, singing, or even some simple gesture that will bring you laughter for the whole night and you will surely not forget the moment you laughed so hard that your tears rolled out with your friends.

We love celebrations and events.

If you have any thoughts of celebrating your friend’s birthday with us, organizing any game tournament in Kohii or even wanting to date your other half, come Kohii Board Game Cafe!